Hi, my name is Ian.

I'm a part time wood worker based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Back in 2010, I decided I needed a hobby, I felt I was wasting my days doing nothing but watching TV and playing video games. I had nothing to show for my time other than a pile of meaningless virtual trophies. Then I received a Lee Valley catalog and decided to try something different.

I had always looked at the pen making supplies in the catalog because it piqued my interest. Then one fateful day I decided to take the plunge and I went out and bought the cheapest lathe I could find and a handful of pen making supplies. I read a couple of books on the subject and watched some YouTube videos and I was ready to go. I promptly set out and destroyed my first attempt at a pen and then destroyed the second attempt as well. But even with those crushing defeats, I was hooked. Pen #3 was a triumph, it actually turned into a pen that could be used and from there I have been refining my process to get to the stage I'm at today.

Please take a look at my galleries to see some of my recent work. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram (link in the left hand column) for a look at what I am currently working on. I hope to be adding more content in the coming months.